Home Medical and
Home Nursing

Code 4 Home Care, a programme of the Foundation, provides home medical and home nursing services to the frail and immobile elderly at their residence.

Under this programme, a team comprising of the doctor, nurses and medical social worker collaborate with allied healthcare professionals, social support service providers and families to provide intensive primary healthcare services to the frail home-bound patients with long term or advanced illnesses.

Where do we operate?

We serve patients residing in the Eastern, North Eastern and Central regions of Singapore. For more details e.g. admission, charges etc, please call our main line at 6741 6772 during office hours.

What does Code 4 do for its patients?

Home-bound patients often have complex health needs with multiple medical problems that are closely intertwined with psycho-social problems. After a comprehensive assessment is made at the patient’s home, a management plan will be developed to meet the patient’s total care needs through a range of services. This may include:

  • Management of chronic, uncomplicated acute or sub-acute medical problems
  • Performing nursing procedures e.g. wound care, care of enteric tubes, tracheotomies, enterostomies, urinary catheters etc
  • Educating the patient and caregiver on the patient’s illnesses and the management plan
  • Palliative care for patients at the end of life
  • Providing caregiver education with regard to various aspects of nursing care e.g. prevention of pressure sores, proper feeding techniques, etc
  • Certifying disabilities for ELDERSHIELD / IDAPE payouts

Have a patient to refer?

Please click on the button to apply or call us at 6741 6772 on Mon to Fri between 8.30am to 5.30pm